Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship

Every year the Phoenix Metro Area Local awards three scholarships in the amount of $1000.00 to graduating high school seniors.  The scholarship program was established to provide educational funding to help children of members and to honor longtime member and union activist Maurice Sadowsky. To be eligible, an applicant must be the son or daughter or under legal guardianship of a someone who has been a member of the APWU Phoenix Metro Area Local, in good standing, for at least one year from the final application date.  Please read the rules below then view and/or print the application.



1.  Applicant must be son or daughter of an active member of the Phoenix Metro Area Local.

2.  Applicant’s parent or legal guardian must have been a member of the APWU Phoenix Metro Area Local, in good standing, for a total of at least one year from the final application date.

3.  Applicant must be a senior attending high school or other corresponding secondary school. 

4.  Sons and daughters of Phoenix Metro Area Local Executive Board and APWU National Officers are not eligible for consideration.

5.  Scholarship recipient must attend an accredited post-secondary school of his or her choice. Applicant must make own application to the school.

6.  Applications for a scholarship must be made on an official application form.  Completed application forms must be sent to Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship Committee, 3741 E. Atlanta, Phoenix, Arizona 85040, and postmarked not later than April 30 of the year of graduation.

 7  Applications not mailed per this rule will be rejected. 

8.  Scholarship must be used toward pursuing post-secondary school education.

9. Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship Program will provide three (3) scholarships per year.

10.  If award winner fails to attend post-secondary school in the award year, the award will go to an alternate.

11.  Winners must rank in the upper fifty (50) percentile of their high school or other corresponding secondary school graduation class.

12.  Each scholarship will be $1,000.00 for one year of post-secondary school.

13.  The amount of the scholarship will be deposited with the post- secondary school attended by the student. When the recipient notifies the Phoenix Metro Area Local he or she has been accepted, $1,000.00 will be sent to the business office to be applied to the cost of tuition, room and board.

14.  Phoenix Metro Area Local may discontinue awarding new scholarships if funds do not permit.

15.  The Scholarship Committee shall consist of up to four (4) members. Two (2) of these members shall consist of the current elected Secretary/Treasurer and a member of the Local Executive Board appointed by the President. The remaining members shall be appointed by the President. The President shall be the chief overseer of the Committee.

16.  The Committee shall be convened by May 6 or the Monday thereafter. The Treasurer will have verified all the membership qualifications by this date.

17.  The application forms for the scholarship shall appear in the Heatwave in the months of February, March, and April.  The drawing shall be held at the May General Membership Meeting of the Phoenix Metro Area Local.

18  The Committee, upon verification of each application, shall place said application in plain “like type” envelope and the envelopes are to be placed in a drawing container. There shall be three (3) winners and a sufficient number of alternates drawn.

19.  All disputes concerning the Scholarship Program shall be submitted to the President within thirty (30) days of the drawing, in written form. They shall be placed before the Scholarship Committee for review. They shall be answered, in writing, within fifteen (15) days.

20.  These rules governing the Maurice Sadowsky Scholarship Program can be amended, changed or deleted once a year only at the November General Membership Meeting.


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